when you leave this place

Site-specific installation created for the group exhibition herein between spaces at Marabouparken Art Hall. The landings of the stairs create line breaks in the text. The spaces in the text allow it to be read in multiple ways.

now is here is now

Participatory text piece for Marabouparken Art Hall. Each exhibition visitor is offered a word that is stamped on their hand. The word can be combined with words carried by other visitors.

There Is Time

Installation for Marabouparken Art Hall consisting in the words THERE, IS and TIME hung separately. The overlapping of the words breaks up the reading order. The lightweight construction easily put the words in a slight oscillation.

Fröding’s Beard (Joins the Elements)

In his collection of poems Mattoidens sånger published posthumously in 1914, Gustaf Fröding was interested in the inner voice of the living and the non-living. In various poems, he explored the song of the stone, the snail, the ant, the rain and the sunshine. Based on a contemporary post-humanist and eco-philosophical discussion, which concerns the importance of the voices of the more-than-human in a sustainable ecosystem, Fröding’s thoughts seem highly relevant today. In the poem Elementarande, Fröding expresses a desire to leave his self and merge with the elements:


Han kunde ej mera förnimma
sig själv såsom jag och förnuft,
han blev till en irrblossdimma,
han kände en ljuvhet att simma
i månljus vid midnattstimma
som fukt och som skimmer och luft.

”I träd vill jag susa,
i gräs vill jag gro,
i fors vill jag brusa,
i hög vill jag bo,
i lunden sväva
kring ättehögen
invid älven där näckbladen vila.”

In my drawing and site-specific installation Fröding’s Beard (Joins the Elements), 2023, for Alster Manor, I have been inspired by a photo of Fröding taken at Ulleråker hospital where he stayed from 1899 to 1905. In the photo, his beard is large and fluffy, almost like a bird’s nest. With this work, I imagine that Fröding’s beard joins the elements along with the wind, birds, sunshine and rain.

Part of the group show In the Forest curated by Gabriella Menerwa Kaasinen, Janove Ekstedt and Miriam Kaukosalo

there was now – installation

The piece consists of ten sentences attached to the walls with charcoal. The sentences are scattered throughout the Uppsala Art Museum and can be found on the stairs, in the lift, in the cloakroom, in the toilet and in the exhibition venues. The piece was part of the international group show A Posthumous Journey into the Future at Uppsala Art Museum.

Curated by Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson

How Far Does a Pine Tree Reach? – solo show

The exhibition came as a result after a one year long participatory and performative process in the forest of Kristineberg, Vallentuna. One of the older pines that grows in the forest played a central role in the work.

Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No. 1-3

The solo show at Konstnärshuset displayed an installation of the video series Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No.1-3, three video loops that deal with the image of the Nordic landscape. The tranquil image sets the landscape in a quiet yet brutal movement. 

Produced with kind suppport from The Swedish Arts Grants Comittee, Air d’Islande and Skaftfell Center for Visual Art.