My Lindh
Book release

Readings and release for Tydningen Journal

Rönnells antikvariat

Release for Tydningen nr. 51/52: Monostich.

Readings by Monica Aasprong, Jenny Tunedal, Lina Selander, Sara Wengström, Gabriel Itkes-Sznap, Filip Lindberg, Gösta Mattsson, Jörgen Gassilewski, Shohreh Arefi, Martin Högström, Jennifer Hayashida, Peter Thörneby, My Lindh, Bella Batistini, Hedvig Fischer, Lena Helac, Petra Mölstad, Anna Hallberg, Cecilia Luzon, Linnéa Fonseca, Stinne Storm and Beata Berggren.

A monostich is a poem consisting of one line.
In Tydningen no. 51/52: Monostich, 74 authors each contribute a monostich, which are newly written or translated.
Each monostich takes up its own page. In this structure, the line is both individual and part of a line running through the whole issue. The line of poetry appears as a singular and collective statement.

Book release

Performances and book release

Marabouparken Art Hall
Marabouparken konsthall welcomes you to performances and a bookrelease on Saturday the 20th of January.
As a part of the program for the exhibition herein between spaces we are showing two performances with the artists Lisa Tan and My Lindh who both are featured in the exhibition.
Lisa Tan’s performance is based on her work Little Petra. Lisa Tan’s performance will be held in English.

My Lindh will perform a new text site specific text written for the occasion. My Lindhs performance will be held in Swedish.

A publication with material from the participating artists has been produced in conjunction with the exhibition. It contains contributions that expand and contextualize, deepen the exhibited works or show what was not included in the exhibition.
At 1 p.m. The exhibitions curators Helena Holmberg and Erik Sandberg will hold a welcoming speech and present the book. After that the artists Lisa Tan and My Lindh will show their performances.
My Lindh
Group Show

häremellan rummen

Marabouparken Art Hall
07/10/2023 – 28/01/2024

A group show based on the encounter between text and image.

Text is something that has long been present in the history of visual art, in many forms and artistic techniques. The exhibition chooses to focus on works that by their artistic method open up a fruitful uncertainty or ambiguity, works that force us to read them simultaneously through different languages or with a double gaze. The exhibition will include works by artists working in different directions and artistic practices and will follow some different threads through this vast field.

Participating artists: Karl Holmqvist, Linnea Lindberg, My Lindh, Lotta Lotass, Duane Michals, Lina Nordenström, Carl-Erik Ström, Lisa Tan och Peter Thörneby

Curated by Helena Holmberg and Erik Sandberg

Group Show

In the Forest

Alster Manor, the memorial estate of Gustaf Fröding
28/06 – 02/09/2023

A site-specific group show with artists in conversation with the lyrical poetry of Gustaf Fröding.

Participating artists: Sara Nielsen Bonde (DK), Juanma González (ES), Margaretha Jansson (SE), Robert Johansson (NO/SE), Jan Matsson (SE), My Lindh (SE), and the artist group OTALT (SE).

A co-organization between Konstfrämjandet Värmland, Värmland Municipality and Alster Manor. With support from OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Curated by Gabriella Menerwa Kaasinen, Janove Ekstedt and Miriam Kaukosalo

My Lindh

Revolve Performance Art Days

Uppsala Art Museum and Wik's Castle
12 – 13/05/2023

Focusing on the present moment the festival presents contemporary performance art by internationally acclaimed artists active in the intersection of visual and performing arts.

Participating artists: Eglė Budvytytė (NL/LT) Jafar The Superstar (SE) Gustaf Broms (SE) Kristin Nango (NO) My Lindh (SE) Norberto Llopis Segarra (ES) Paz Rojo (ES) Sepideh Khodarahmi (SE) Cecilia Germain (SE)

Curated by Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson, Kajsa Wadhia and Tove Salmgren

Group Show

A Posthumous Journey into the Future

Uppsala Art Museum
11/02 – 06/08/2023

The international group show A Posthumous Journey into the Future explores fiction and modes of speculative writing and storytelling in contemporary art as a method to create emotional and intellectual understanding of the cultural and planetarian crisis we are in, due to climate change.

What can we learn from a romantic and subjective experience of relating to the world, by sensing and imagining? Can a time-leap, neglecting the industrialization produce a framework for alternative ways of living and thoughts? The “Posthumous Journey” can also be understood as a questioning of the anthropocentric point of view, where acknowledging agency in nature also gives space for new imaginaries, opposed to colonial and other hegemonic structures.

Participating artists: Imani Jacqueline Brown, Alma Heikkilä, Johannes Heldén, My Lindh, Mónica de Miranda, Håkan Jonson, Signe Johannessen and Eglė Budvytytė.

Curated by Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson

My Lindh
Public Commission

Time Circuit

Radiotorget, Göteborg

Inauguration of the piece Time Circuit for Radiotorget in Gothenburg.

The work consists of two heated bronze seat marks set into the staircase facing Radiotorget, and a sculpture with solar cells that heats the seat marks. The seat marks were left by two residents of Radiotorget: a 95-year-old who has lived there since it was built in the 1950s, and a 10-year-old child who had just moved into one of the houses built on the square when the artwork was created. If you sit on a mark, you can be warmed by it and become part of a circuit through time and space, through the energy of the sun as well as those who left their mark.

Art Consultant: Marie Holmgren. Commissioner: Göteborg Konst

Public Commission

Public commission for Uppsala municipality

Södra Gunsta Square

My Lindh has received a public commission by Uppsala municipality.

Lindh will work with the site specific piece Tremors in Space-time for the square of Södra Gunsta in Uppsala. Inauguration 2025. Art consultant: Åsa-Viktoria Wihlborg for Art Platform