Readings and release for Tydningen Journal

Release for Tydningen nr. 51/52: Monostich.

Readings by Monica Aasprong, Jenny Tunedal, Lina Selander, Sara Wengström, Gabriel Itkes-Sznap, Filip Lindberg, Gösta Mattsson, Jörgen Gassilewski, Shohreh Arefi, Martin Högström, Jennifer Hayashida, Peter Thörneby, My Lindh, Bella Batistini, Hedvig Fischer, Lena Helac, Petra Mölstad, Anna Hallberg, Cecilia Luzon, Linnéa Fonseca, Stinne Storm and Beata Berggren.

A monostich is a poem consisting of one line.
In Tydningen no. 51/52: Monostich, 74 authors each contribute a monostich, which are newly written or translated.
Each monostich takes up its own page. In this structure, the line is both individual and part of a line running through the whole issue. The line of poetry appears as a singular and collective statement.