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Site specific exhibition at the Kluuvi Gallery of the Helsinki City Art Museum. Audio, video, interactive animation, photography and installation.

”Union Street 28B” was the result of a collaboration between My Lindh and Milja Viita. The work had its starting point from the very site of the Kluuvi Gallery where it was installed. By examining the different signs of the place we found hidden stories, experiences of control and connections to a violent past.

”Viita’s and My Lindh’s joint exhibition in the Kluuvi Gallery of the Helsinki City Art Museum in 2006 featured another historical photograph from the archives. This one depicted a view of the Market Square in Helsinki, taken in the early 20th century. Next to the photo were installed the sights of a rifle, aimed through the small window of the gallery towards the contemporary Market Square. The video work entitled ”The Bomb Factory Girl” (2006) exhibited in the same room showed the wrinkeld hands of an old woman as she described her work in a bomb factory during the Continuation War.

The exhibition in the Kluuvi Gallery was clearly about contemporaneity, which could be defined as the reality shared by those poeple living in a certain period of time. In an audio work in the large room, the sounds of the gallery’s air conditioning were amplified and mixed with interviews to create a total soundscape. The interviews presented a kind of national history of punishment, with the interviewees recollecting punishments inflicted in their families and what it had felt like. Contemporaneity is shared, but never unequivocal, as when people who have died still seem to be our contemporaries when they continue their existence in memories and in pictures and writings.”

Kari Yli-Annala, artist and researcher
Translation: Tomi Snellman


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