Tågteve (Train TV) – the book


The Artist Book “Tågteve” (Train TV) is a continuation of the installation “Tågteve”, displayed along the railway between Stockholm and Uppsala (Sweden) in the summer of 2012. Via 28 large subtitle signs, the passenger was able to follow a dialogue about travelling and reality as a film. The book contains of a series of photographs and three essays by Marianna Garin, art historian and freelance curator, Khashayar Naderehvandi, poet and Monica Sand, artist and researcher. Design: Sandra Praun. Published on Jon Brunberg Publishing in 2016.

Translation of the signs in the form of subtitles:

– Will the action never start?
– What do you mean?
– This is how it continues.
– Will we never leave this place?
– Then where are we now?
– We’re here, of course.
– I’ve forgotten how it was recently.
– What does all this have to do with me?
– But you are here.
– Just a moment!
– What?
– I don’t know anymore.
– What were you thinking about?
– It disappeared.
– How did I get here?
– We’ve been here all along.
– Does it go on like this?
– Are you sure?
– This is all I know.
– Everything’s moving!
– You’re the one who’s moving.
– Do you like it?
– Are you still there?
– I am here.

Tågteve – the book was made with support from Längmanska kulturfonden and Uppsala Municipality. The book is available at Adlibris, Bokus, Konst-ig and various Art Halls such as Bonniers Konsthall, Malmö Konsthall, Uppsala Konstmuseum etc.

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