MapTractorCarl-BirgerThe Oak and the Milk Barrow


HD video, 12.36 min. Produced together with the artist David Andrén

The video portrays Carl-Birger Sveidqvist who has lived in Vaksala / Gränby outside Uppsala, Sweden all his life and cultivated the ground in the area. Carl-Birger has great knowledge of the area’s history and know every rock and tree. In the video, he talks about how the landscape has changed during his lifetime. Gränby / Vaksala is a region with strong contrasts. Gränby Centre is Uppsala’s largest shopping center and is located in what was previously farmland and cultural district, just a stone’s throw away from Vaksala Church, one of Uppsala’s oldest churches. The area is rich in ancient monuments and several rune stones has been found nearby. Now several major construction sites are planned in the area.

The Oak and the Milk Barrow is produced with support from Uppsala Municipality and is part of the Uppsala Municipality Art Collection.