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Participatory performance

Through a number of text messages, the audience was instructed to make everyday movements related to their cell phones, like turning up the volume of the phone, lifting the phone to the ear,  or walking around, while holding the phone. The messages were  successively spread to the audience through an instruction to forward all the messages to everyone  in the gallery that they had the number to. The participants became quiet and concentrated on their cell phones. Scattered signals were heard when the text messages were received. After a while, the audience moved, on instruction, towards the scene located in the inner room of the gallery, where the light was turned off. When everyone was seated in the grandstand they were instructed to repeatedly turn off and on the light of their cell phones. Finally an audio file was distributed. Successively the room was filled with the suggestive sound of a foghorn. Public movement was performed at Stage Walla in the framework of the exhibition Manifest Traces by Victoria Brännström and Lea Ahmed Jussilainen.