My Lindh My Lindh My LindhPerformance Jukkasjärvi


The performance was carried out at the Jukkasjärvi Icehotel. The performance started with me standing in the cinema of the Icehotel in front of a screen and aiming a camera at the snow-covered ground. From the camera one could see a long cable leading to the source of the back-projection. On the screen the audience could see what they assumed was a live broadcast of what I was filming (the ground). After a while, I left the room, slowly walking through the Icehotel and outside, still filming the ground. Outside I put the camera on a tripod and filmed the moonlit landscape. Soon one could see me coming running from the left. When I reached the center of the picture, I suddenly disappeared – as if cut away. Those who followed the cable found that it had been cut off.

Jörg Heiser, Frieze Magazine, Issue 58, April 2001:
”My Andersson (Lindh) blurred the line between mediated and physical presence the opposite way: she walked out of the Icehotel with a video camera pointed to the snow-covered floor, seemingly transmitting simultaneously onto the screen via a long cable, until she fixed the camera to a tripod outside to capture a picturesque night-time landscape with moon and stars.
Suddenly a figure at a distance ran across the image and vanished, like a ghost, right in the middle of it. Puzzled, some followed the cable like Ariadne’s thread, only to find it cut off at the end – the scene had not been ‘live’, but entirely recorded beforehand.”