SkopjeThe Immaterial Monument


International workshop

An interdisciplinary art workshop where the ArtAgent artists (Charlotte Åberg, Lott Alfreds, Helena Byström, Anna Källblad and My Lindh) and the researcher Mona Livholts, Sweden, together with the art-theorist Suzana Milevska, Macedonia, joined artists from the Contemporary Art scene in Skopje, Macedonia and Tirana, Albania, architects from Skopje, Macedonia, and the Human Rights organisation Refraction Association from Albania for an engaging conversation about different ways and approaches in their Participatory Art practices. The workshop aimed to enhance knowledge about Participatory Art among the artists and the sociologists in the EU-Project Visualize the Invisible. In the workshop we focused on the certain meaning of monuments; a memorial or a monument as a public work of art or a building with the intent to recall a person, an event or condition in the time period. The concept of the monument and memorial is linked to collective memories. What makes a certain memory more important than any other? What memories are invisible and not preserved in the public space? The workshop investigated the unsaid that does not always come to the light but still has a relevance to our times.

Visualize the Invisible, Cooperation Projects, and Strand 1.2.1, EACEA, (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), European Commission 2013-2014