Poetry Politics


Manifestation and participatory performance

Poetry Politics was a manifestation and a participatory performance initiated by Monica Sand and My Lindh. The piece was enacted just before each of the two swedish elections in 2014.  In May, just before the European Parliament Election it was performed at Sergels torg, Stockholm, and in September, just before the General Election, at Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm.

Anyone who wanted could participate by bringing a fictional text, in any language, and read aloud, standing at the square. One could alternate reading with strolling, while listening to others read.

Together we started a poetic process, where voices, movements and associations interwove the public space, even if nobody read the same text. In this way, we proved the right to make our voices heard in the public space and manifested a Sweden with many different voices, languages and experiences.

In a time when the public space is commercialized, culture is marginalized in school and society and politics are trivialized to be about economical possibilities for the individual, Poetry Politics aimed to remind us about the foundation of the citizenship, through poetry politics.

Poesis originates from a Greek word, that in its basic form means make. A making that elevates the needs of everyday life, into a matter of public concern.
Politics: from the Greek word for statesmanship, civic, citizen, the process to take and practice power in a public context.


Poetry Politics at Sergels torg before the European Parliament Election. Photo: Maria Andersson


Press image to Poetry Politics: http://mylindh.com/press/